Making Your Ads Work

4-Week Course
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Course Description

There will always be competition for your audience’s attention. What’s that something extra that will help your ads stand out and achieve your objectives?

Learn to optimise and maximise the potential of your ads campaigns. Use the right strategy to craft effective ads campaigns and achieve your business goals.
This course offers the fundamentals, techniques and tips to help your brand get the attention and results you need without losing the message in between.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use funnels to develop your customer journey, set up effective ads campaigns, and determine the right metrics to monitor.


Class Details

5th November -
26th November 2022


Every Saturday, 10am - 3pm
OpenAcademy Classroom @ Ara Damansara
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Course Outline

Design and formulate business goals.
Deeper understanding into ad funnel design and planning.
The fundamentals of ad metrics - ratios and economics.
Diving into ads targeting - learn about custom audience and lookalike audience.
Design and execute best practices for event & conversion tracking.
Steps on setting up advanced custom audiences based on customer journey and funnels.
Best practices in setup & structure for campaign management to achieve goals.
Understanding proposition and positioning in ad messaging.
Crafting ad messages that converts and nurtures users
Developing ad messaging based on ad funnel.
A look into remarketing audiences and ad sets.
The steps of setting up a structured remarketing campaign.
Best practices of a remarketing campaign.

What's Included

Theory and coaching sessions
Alumni support & discounts
Soft copy of learning materials
Priority pass invitation to events
Digital certificate of completion

Meet Your Trainers

Xien Puo

Founder of DriveFunnels

XP runs DriveFunnels, a digital performance agency, with the goal of creating and optimising digital customer acquisition journey for brands. His goal is to empower marketers through training by distilling digital acquisition into structural frameworks that will be handy and applicable for various marketing challenges.

Celine Ting

Managing Director of OpenAcademy

Celine has led digital projects across various industries assisting brands in developing digital strategies, understanding digital media and also up-skilling digital competencies. She speaks at various events held by universities, startup events and is also a panel consultant on The Business Radio Station (BFM).

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