Breaking Down Programming

A 12-Week Long Course, Wednesdays, from 10th April 2019, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Let’s agree — Knowing how to read code is an essential skill to have in today’s modern world. Catch up with this ever-growing industry by learning straight from the professionals where you will gain an understanding on how code really works, in our 12-week long course.

What You’ll Be Learning

10th April – 26th June 2019

  • Understanding the ins and outs of how a computer functions and carry out tasks
  • A brief look at the history of computing and its current state
  • Describing the ideal mindset and ethics of a programmer
  • Differentiating between Variables and Constants functions
  • Discover the different types of Variables: String, Integer, Double/Float, Boolean and Null.
  • Learn and apply how to input Comments within your code
  • Defining and applying the use Arithmetic and Operators
  • Know and understand how to apply different String functions: strlen, strtoupper, str_replace and more
  • Understanding different String structure: Single quote and Double quotes
  • Experiment and apply String functions
  • Defining and understanding the use of Conditional Statements
  • Understanding different types of Logical Operators: if, if else, else if and switch
  • Experimenting with Conditional Statements to work around different scenarios
  • Recognizing the relationship between Arrays & Iterative Statements
  • A look into the concepts of Iteration
  • Understanding the structure behind a 1D (One-Dimensional) Arrays
  • Describing the most commonly used array operations
  • Understanding two (2) Iterative statements: While Loop and Do… While Loop.
  • Practicing the use of Iterative Statements in 1D Array
  • Discover two (2) more Iterative statements: For Loop and Foreach Loop.
  • Introducing 2D (Two-Dimensional) Arrays and understanding its structure
  • Understanding the use of Associative Array
  • Practice combining Loops and Arrays
  • Run though exercises on Conditional and Iterative Statements
  • Learn how to utilize and declare functions
  • Understanding what are function parameters
  • Practice Functions to retrieve a Return Value
  • Know and understand how Inheritance works
  • Learn and utilize the use of Polymorphism
  • Implementing Inheritance and Polymorphism through Classes and Objects
  • A look into the basics of HTML5
  • Learning how to utilize HTML <form>
  • Understanding the structure of a Client-Server architecture
  • Understanding what is Data
  • Learn how to read data from file
  • Learn how to write data to file
  • Understanding what is Database
  • Learn how to write and apply basic queries: select, update, insert, delete
  • A scoring-session where students to share their work
  • Presenting rewards to students
  • Wrapping up the course

Meet Your Trainers

Learn from skilled instructors with professional experience in the field



Chief Technology Officer

Lee Xin is a CTO at OpenMinds with experience in developing award-winning mobile applications and building critical enterprise solutions in numerous projects across various industries. He also teaches university students and mentors at Startup Weekend KL.



Senior Developer

As a Senior Developer of OpenMinds, Wilson Tay utilises his web development skills identify and implement new technologies to solve business problems. Beyond development, he also participates in digital projects across multiple industries to design scalable solutions. He believes and hopes to contribute to society with his IT knowledge.

Your Questions, Answered

We’ve got the answers. Get the details on how you can grow in this course


Why should I learn Programming?

Code is the new English, and it is no doubt an essential skill to have in any industry. What you will gain during this course can help you understand how technical systems work including its advantages and limitations, which will support you in generating informed ideas and, communicating better alongside your peers in the tech team. Also, wouldn’t it be great to make small edits and changes to your site without waiting on your fellow tech mate?


Who is this course for?

Doors are open to all beginners with little to no prior programming knowledge! Get ready to learn alongside students, graduates, designers, entrepreneurs, startup owners or, passionate individuals like you.


Why 12-weeks?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so should your understanding with Programming! While we could try to squeeze and bottle up a ton of information into just 1 full day, we believe spreading out these classes into 11 weeks would help you digest, learn and understand better. On the last and 12th week, students will be presenting their work where it will be evaluated by both trainers and working industry individuals.


What’s the learning outcome?

This course is crafted to help you understand how programming really work, and apply these new skills to transform your ideas into real world solutions. Delve into understanding basic technical concepts and industry-standard practices used while you learn to build a website from scratch with this course across 12 weeks.


What are my payment options?

The amount payable for the Breaking Down Programming course is MYR3,500 (early-bird price now at MYR3,000) per student. You may opt to pay the full sum or a deposit first, as listed below:
Full sum of MYR3000 (Early-Bird) and MYR3500 (Normal Price) via:

1. Peatix
2. Bank Transfer


Refundable* deposit of MYR600 with subsequent monthly payments of


MYR750 (Student Price)
MYR850 (Early Bird Price)
MYR1000 (Normal Price)


*Deposit is refundable up till 5 working days before the course commences

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