1. Who is OpenAcademy?

OpenAcademy is the education arm of OpenMinds with the aim of delivering practical and realistic content for students, entrepreneurs and professionals with real and practical insights from clients directly to you through instructors that are practitioners working within the industry.

2. What is the OpenAcademy App?

The OpenAcademy App is a platform that provides bite sized, on-the-go content that consists of short videos, articles, quotes, infographics, statistics and more. The goal of this platform is to enable users to retain information better by breaking content into smaller chunks and be able to learn on the go without being glued to your seat or laptop screen for long hours. Content topics include but are not limited to digital, technology, entrepreneurship, startups and more!

3. What can I expect?

You can expect practical and experiential insights from practitioners and professionals within the industry delivering content within minutes that are curated or co-curated and vetted by OpenAcademy - no fluff, no upsell, no promotional sales pitches; just straight up value.

4. Why is it different?

Instead of sitting through hours and hours of long courses and taking in too much information at once, all content is presented in bite sizes in a mobile-first layout that everyone loves, so you can watch it at your own time and on the go. This means you can pick up a new insight, be inspired or learn something new in as little as 3 minutes!

5. Where does the content come from?

All content are curated insights, stories and case studies from industry experts based on personal experiences dealing with clients, actual work done, challenges overcome and wins celebrated.

6. Why is the content short?

We’d like to think the content is in a consumable length - just nice. It is proven that it is easier for people to consume content in smaller chunks to allow for easier retention and retainment of the content presented. It also gives you the flexibility to watch or read content without a huge time commitment, to do it at your own pace and time.

7. Is it free?

The app is free to download and gain access instant to a library with hundreds of content made available to members. There is also an option for members to subscribe to unlock premium content exclusively curated for subscribers that offers a deeper dive into topics and additional perks to enhance their learning experience.

8. What are the future plans?

The OpenAcademy App is constantly improving and expanding. While tirelessly developing new content, we are also looking to grow the available content types and even introduce masterclasses with long-form content for those that are seeking to master and specialise on key topics with an option of acquiring a certification of completion / mastery.



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