The OpenAcademy is the brainchild of OpenMinds, a data-driven martech consultancy company based in Malaysia and Hong Kong. It is launched to provide a no-nonsense platform in sharing real, unbiased, non-theory driven programmes designed for students, startups, business owners, teams, and more.

Why Join OpenAcademy?


In short, we only deliver what is tested and working for us. Our programmes are built on real experiences by practitioners and is designed to help you gain realistic insights without the fluff.

Trainers & Mentors

Get to learn from people who have been working on it—literally. You’ll get to gain valuable insights from and work closely with industry professionals to help give you a fresh and realistic perspective to your work.


Designed for cross-functional understanding, you may expect diversity not only within the course, but also opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds, places, and industries.


With the low barrier of entry to tech, there is an influx of tech developers and managers leading to an increase of competition within the industry - and for your career. So, ask yourself this, “How can I increase my value or worth as a software developer?”


OpenAcademy aims to provide you a hands-on experience in becoming an all-rounded developer beyond just code writing. From communicating in non-technical teams, project management to devops, learn from instructors with real industry experience and the utilisation of real-life business-use cases.

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Amateur Hour

Creativity is best shared among peers. Going away from a typical classroom or workshop format, Amateur Hour is a peer-to-peer creative platform designed to let anyone of any background fit right in. Whether you're an industry expert or someone who's just starting out, as long as you're up for learning — you're good to go!


Expect to grow together with attendees through these creative sharing sessions. Interested in calligraphy? We've got you. Culinary? Checked. Mobile photography? Done. Register to be notified of our next meet!

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Digital Marketing

Let's be honest - social media, lead generation, data analytics, SEO, content marketing, ad buying and etc can be confusing, time consuming and it keeps changing day-by-day.


OpenAcademy consists of a panel of digital consultants that can help you set the right footing as you manoeuvre through layers of research, analysis, content creation and tracking through a combination of workshops, consultancy hours, open discussions and more.

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Meet Our Resident Trainers


Jan Wong
of OpenMinds

With years of marketing and analytics consulting experience under his belt, Jan is a seasoned entrepreneur and online strategist. Listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2017, he’s been featured on various media, an accomplished speaker in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, a catalyst partner with organisations like Global Entrepreneurship Week, TechStars, and SGNEXT50 to continuously mentor and speak at regional workshops, events and conferences.


Celine Ting
Head of OpenAcademy

Celine comprises the extensive know-how on handling the digital space, from leading digital projects across various industries and developing strategies to scaling the business capabilities of OpenMinds. As a digital media consultant, she has worked with prominent brands nationwide and actively speaks at digital marketing events, workshops and is also a panel consultant on The Business Radio Station (BFM).


Lee Xin
Chief Technology Officer
of OpenMinds

A graduate from University of New South Wales, Lee Xin started out as an IT solution architect in Sime Darby before moving on numerous projects across industries to find his way to OpenMinds Resources. His experience in developing award-winning mobile applications and building critical enterprise solutions have enabled him to teach university students and mentor at Startup Weekend KL.

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