Ad Buying – Facebook, Instagram and Google

As you know that the digital space is vast and highly competitive in fighting for your audience’s attention.We want to equip you with the understanding of planning out your ad buying strategies from planning all the way to remarketing to understanding the effectiveness of the ad buying campaign to compete in this space!

What You’ll Be Learning

13th, 16th & 18th January 2020

Ad Buying Planning & Testing
  • A deeper understanding into ad buying - Why are you buying Facebook ads? Who are you targeting? Which types of ads to buy?
  • Step by Step guide on how to buy ads - Objective, Target Audience, Budgeting, Ad creative
  • Ad Tracking - How to setup Facebook Pixel? How to create custom audience and lookalike audience? How to create Facebook pixel events?
Ad Buying Remarketing
  • Ad Metrics - What metrics to look out for for different ad strategies? How to monitor your ads? How to manage your ads?
  • Remarketing - How and when to create a remarketing strategy? A/B testing – step by step guide. Metrics to look out for when it comes to remarketing.
Ad Buying – Lead Generation & Performance Marketing
  • Funnelogy - Preframe, think in funnels, GPS, Journey Designer.
  • Funnel Development - Tool Walkthrough

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Digtal Acquisition Specialist at DriveFunnel

XP currently runs DriveFunnels, a digital performance agency, with the goal of creating & optimising digital customer acquisition journey for brands. He has led digital acquisition projects with campaigns over 7 figures ad spent across various industries. Currently he supports multiple digital agencies to help plan and execute successful digital acquisition campaigns for their clients across this region. His goal is to further empower marketers through training by distilling digital acquisition into structural frameworks that will be handy and applicable for various marketing scenarios and challenges.



Digital Acquisition Specialist at DriveFunnel

Ryan Ng is the co-founder of DriveFunnel. Driven by a strong passion to excel in the fast-paced digital industry, he has consulted brands from the Telco, F&B, FMCG, healthcare, education, hospitality, and retail industry. Ryan is also actively involved in tutoring and speaking engagements, and represents OpenMinds as a panel consultant on The Business Radio Station (BFM).

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Why should I join this workshop?

Digital ad buying is currently the easiest and lowest barrier to grab your audience’s attention. Hence knowing how to manage and plan effectively is crucial to stand out from the crowd.


Who is this workshop for?

Doors are open to all beginners with little to no prior digital ad buying knowledge! Get ready to learn alongside students, graduates, designers, entrepreneurs, startup owners or, passionate individuals like you.


What’s the learning outcome?

Individuals will be able to successfully create, plan, strategize and execute an ad strategy and be able to implement Facebook Pixel and a remarketing strategy!


What are my payment options?

The amount payable for this workshop is MYR1500 (early-bird price now at MYR1000) per student.


Is this workshop HRDF claimable?

Yes, it is! So do let us know if you would like to do so, and we will prepare the necessary documents!


What do I need to prepare for this course?

You will need to have access to ad active ad account for both Facebook and Google. You will also need to set aside at least RM 100 for ad buying, to ensure that you are able to plan and execute the ad strategy successfully.

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