Learn power skills to level up your branding that sets you apart in this new economy

Andreas, Freda and Wendy will guide you to build instant trust and credible personal profile with easy-to-follow steps
Andreas Vogiatzakis
Executive Director of AMV Plus
Freda Liu
Producer, Presenter, Author & Speaker
Wendy Lee
Brand Image Consultant & CEO of Chapter One Asia (M)

Master the power skills in personal branding, building credibility and trust, and you will see immediate results in:


The way you brand yourself and your company

You will be able to find your unique brand positioning that sets you apart from your competitors. This helps clarifies your messaging to your target market and allow you to become a stronger brand worthy of anyone’s attention.


The way you seal your deal

You will learn to establish your personal brand to boost your bottom line and bring you into a season of sales growth. This helps to generate more leads when you have turned yourself into a credible source of information for your customers.


The way you present yourself

Your image carries weight in various setting! With a better presentation and image, you will be able to build solid relationships quicker, establish credibility sooner and encourage trust amongst you and potential clients.

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